New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is So Good It's Freaky

This is not the first Steve Jobs, but it's definitely the most realistic. So realistic that it actually freaks me out. It's 12 inches high (scale 1:6) and comes on full Apple CEO regalia, from the New Balance shoes to the Levi's. » 1/02/12 3:06pm 1/02/12 3:06pm

Another two classic poses. New Balance shoes, Levi's jeans, different hands and a…

Sarah Palin Action Figure Can Kick Barbie's Ass

Jason and I have been wanting a hero action figure version of ourselves for a long time. Plus a couple of Leia in her metal bikini too, so we can play » 9/08/08 5:48am 9/08/08 5:48am with them like Dark Helmet. And perhaps two more of potential vice president Sarah Palin as well. Unfortunately, they are too expensive, which is probably for the…

Iron Man Action Figure Would Look Great On Our Iron Desks

Either this Shiny red and yellow 12-inch Iron Man action figure looks so much like a big nicely wrapped man-shaped chocolate, or we're just very very hungry. Nevertheless, He looks just as faithful to the movie version (left) as we could hope, and will drive Jesus wild when he unwraps him under his tree next Xmas.… » 12/25/07 1:00pm 12/25/07 1:00pm