Sony Boss Not Terribly Impressed By Activision PS3 Threats

When the largest game publisher in the world threatens to stop making games for your console, what do you do? Do you negotiate, as was their obvious goal? Or do you sarcastically poke fun at their CEO? Ah, right. » 7/08/09 4:42am 7/08/09 4:42am

PS3 Guitar Hero Drums Aren't Working in Rock Band

Since Guitar Hero: World Tour features a full set of instruments that are nearly identical to Rock Band's, Activision decided that it was time to take the high road » 10/28/08 1:59pm 10/28/08 1:59pm and make their PS3 hardware completely compatible with their competition. Great, right? Well it is, except for one minor catch: PS3 Guitar Hero drums are…

Here Come the Living Room DJ Poseurs: Activision's DJ Hero Revealed

Our sister blog Kotaku already has all the latest deets on Activision's DJ Hero » 9/14/08 12:00pm 9/14/08 12:00pm, but we'd be remiss here at Gizmodo if we didn't at least profile the latest bit of shiny video game-related plastic that could be invading living rooms in the near future. After more than a dozen iterations and two years of development…

Guitar Praise: Guitar Hero Minus the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll

When you siphon the antiestablishmentism out of rock 'n roll, you get one of two things—Christian rock or The Jonas Brothers. Neither is the most ideal listening situation. Still, we're not ones to judge, so here's just the thing for all of you Christian rockers in the audience. Guitar Praise, the Christian response to … » 8/27/08 4:30pm 8/27/08 4:30pm