Notion Ink Adam II Tablet Rears Its Sadly Hyped Head

The Notion Ink Adam won last year's award for most overhyped/underdelivered product in gadgetdom, so it's exciting to see the company get back on the horse. What do we know about the follow-up tablet? Practically nothing. But who needs specs and faith in basic functionality when you've got blurry Twitter pixxx to go… » 11/09/12 10:42am 11/09/12 10:42am

Notion Ink Adam Poked, Prodded, Reviewed In Video

The Notion Ink Adam has spent over a year being one of the most tantalizing new gadgets out there. It was supposed to be the tablet that could do everything, wonderfully, right away. But after a string of delays, how does the real deal measure up? Notion Ink Fan has the first in-depth look we've seen. » 2/07/11 10:40am 2/07/11 10:40am

Notion Ink Adam Delayed by Tegra 2 Issues?

Those of us lusting after certain Android tablets—like the promising Notion Ink Adam—may have to wait longer than expected. According to a SlashGear tipster, they'll be delayed until fall due to "serious issues" with Nvidia's Tegra 250 chipset. » 4/01/10 10:33am 4/01/10 10:33am

Notion Ink's Adam Tablet Will Have Flash, Output At 1080p and Have…

Flash, a longer battery life, outputting video at 1080p, a $1m app competition—these are just some of the ways Notion Ink is hoping its Android-powered Adam tablet will be able to win customers over. » 2/09/10 5:23am 2/09/10 5:23am

Slate Showdown: iPad vs. HP Slate vs. JooJoo vs. Android Tablets & More …

Everybody's talking about tablets, especially those single-pane capacitive touchscreen ones more specifically known as "slates." The iPad is the biggest newsmaker, but there are lots headed our way (most with built-in webcams). Here's how they measure up, spec-wise: » 1/29/10 9:00am 1/29/10 9:00am

Notion Ink Adam Pixel Qi Tablet/Ereader Hands On: Your Screen Is…

Housed in a wooden, painted prototype case, the Notion Ink Adam tablet is rough. But with Pixel Qi dual-mode screen tech on one arm and Nvidia's Tegra 2 on the other, it's one of the most exciting devices at CES. » 1/08/10 10:41pm 1/08/10 10:41pm