Copyright Trolls Get Videos Pulled For Using The Word 'Pixels' [UPDATED]

The video “Pantone Pixels,” published in 2011, was an independent art project that used a swath of colors to illustrate a picture of the creator’s parents. Last week, Vimeo took it down. Turns out it was too similar to “Pixels,” a 2015 movie starring Adam Sandler. »8/09/15 3:41pm8/09/15 3:41pm

Adam Sandler Has a Hell of a Lot to Answer For

Pixels reminded us all just how shitty an actor Adam Sandler can be. But it’s worse than you probably realize. As a star, and also as a producer, Sandler has created a string of horrible, vapid comedies that have helped make us all dumber. His movies are “films,” in the same sense that colonoscopies produce films.
»7/28/15 6:45pm7/28/15 6:45pm

Adam Sandler Whispers Sweet Nothings In Your Bluetooth Headset

I'm still a little undecided as to whether or not I'll be seeing Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with the Zohan, but the movie is using a clever, tech-oriented marketing ploy that's definitely gotten me interested. Twenty-five Regal Entertainment theater lobbies will feature a decorated salon chair that when sat in… »5/08/08 8:00pm5/08/08 8:00pm