I Wish I Had This Do-It-All Portable Power Station When I Flew Abroad

I just came back from a two-week vacation in Europe. I took loads of gadgets. How did I keep them charged? Why, an unwieldy gadget cornucopia consisting of two AC splitters, a USB wall wart, and an external battery for topping up on the go. If only I’d had the Belkin Travel Rockstar, I could have lightened my load. »8/19/15 2:45pm8/19/15 2:45pm

A Rotating Adapter Head Might Just Make This USB Ribbon Cable Worth It

We recently reviewed AViiQ's line of ribbon-style USB adapter cables, but found that what made them most unique—their flat cable design—also made them difficult to use. So we couldn't recommend the cables, but maybe the convenience of this new triple-headed all-in-one design might make this cable worth carrying. »8/09/12 11:20am8/09/12 11:20am