The Birthplace of the Cellphone Is Being Turned Into a Mall

Think Apple’s forthcoming Cupertino headquarters is the first corporate space ship to touch down in America? Not so: In 1962 the legendary R&D hub, Bell Labs, opened a glittering, 500-acre headquarters in semi-rural New Jersey. Today, it's the focus of an ambitious reuse scheme that could turn it into a commercial… »10/24/13 3:40pm10/24/13 3:40pm


Sears Plans To Retrofit 2,500 "Ghostbox" Stores As Data Centers

There are over a billion square feet of vacant commercial space in the US right now, most of it in the form of big box stores. This being America, we’ve come up with plenty of intelligent ways to reuse the department stores at which we can no longer afford to shop: Churches. Parks. Clinics. And now, data centers. »5/29/13 4:20pm5/29/13 4:20pm