How Adblock Plus Is Becoming a Source of Internet Advertising

Before Adblock Plus bloomed into existence in 2006, going anywhere online could be a flashing, ad-filled nightmare. Adblock Plus offered a way out of the commercial chaos, and blocked ad revenue from websites in the process. But now it's opening up the gates — and allowing a few choice advertisers through, for a price. »2/05/15 3:38pm2/05/15 3:38pm


Google Supposedly Paid Off AdBlock Plus to Not Block Google Ads (Updated)

Any advanced Internetter knows that the best way to enjoy the pure Internet is to get an ad blocker. It zaps away all the excess and gives you the meaty good stuff. However, it looks like companies are figuring ways to circumvent ad blockers... by paying them off. Google is reportedly paying one of the most popular… »7/05/13 8:07pm7/05/13 8:07pm