This video proves how hard it is to focus for an entire 3 minutes now

It's pretty much impossible for me. And probably for a lot of you. Before the Internet existed in our pockets, I'm pretty sure all of us could watch a clip for the entire 3 minutes and not feel the blistering need to change tabs or see what the newest picture on Instagram was or tweet something silly. But now? I… »6/25/14 11:07pm6/25/14 11:07pm


Brix Modular Cell Phone Concept Can Expand to Big-Screen Proportions

Watching TV on a cell phone is about as fun as taking a drill to your eye — and that's something concept designer Seokwon Hong hopes to alleviate with the Brix. The Brix is a modular concept for a cell phone that would allow you to create a bigger and bigger screen depending on how many Brix bezel-less modules you may… »8/28/07 8:00pm8/28/07 8:00pm

South Korea to Build Robot Land, Robots Rejoice in Electronic Bliss

If there's one thing the world sorely needs it's some sort of place where robots can go to chat, find love, and make plans to destroy Humanity. Luckily, South Korea is well-aware of their plight and has announced plans to build "Robot Land" — a city entirely created for the robotics industry. The city will feature… »8/27/07 10:19pm8/27/07 10:19pm