5 Essential Add-Ons That Will Make Your Gmail Great

If you could add just one improvement to Gmail, what would it be? Chances are there's an add-on, extension or plug-in that does exactly what you want—a thriving ecosystem of third-party tools has grown up alongside Google's email client over the last ten years, and we've highlighted five of the most useful for you to… »8/15/14 10:41am8/15/14 10:41am

Browse a Censored Web Through the China Channel FireFox Plugin

It's no secret that the Chinese government censors web content, but what's it like to actually be a citizen trapped inside the Great Firewall of China? A new FireFox plugin called China Channel »10/27/08 1:30pm10/27/08 1:30pm can show you. It reroutes your IP through China, allowing you to look like any other digital Chinese citizen from anywhere in…