How Pornography Addiction Works and Affects Your Life (Update: Or Not!)

For all the jokes, pornography addiction is a real and actual addiction . Really. Stop laughing. I'm serious. No, it's— Look. Porn works like any other addictive substance: It re-wires your brain in ways that make you need it, and probably proves harmful to the rest of your life. (See update below) » 2/20/13 2:40pm 2/20/13 2:40pm

Researchers Might Have a Way to Beat Heroin Addiction

Morphine is just about the best painkiller out there, as any doctor or any person who's ever been in an accident will tell you. There's just one small problem—it's incredibly addictive. But thanks to some researchers from the University of Colorado and the University of Adelaide, we may have outsmarted that propensity… » 8/15/12 3:20pm 8/15/12 3:20pm

This Simple Test Can Tell If You're a Facebook Addict

Cold sweats. Shortness of breath. Inability to concentrate. You've got withdrawal symptoms, and you've got them bad. There's only one thing that can help, and that's a long, hard hit of the blue stuff: sweet, nourishing Facebook. That's right, researchers have determined that it's possible to be legitimately addicted… » 5/07/12 2:20pm 5/07/12 2:20pm

Limitless: The Brain-Doping Movie We All Know Was Inspired by Adderall

In Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Mora, a down-on-his-luck writer struggling to make progress on the novel he's promised to his publisher. Just when things seem like they couldn't get worse for Eddie, he runs into his ex-girlfriend's brother, a sort-of slimy guy who's gotten himself involved in the distribution… » 5/03/12 7:20pm 5/03/12 7:20pm

Study: We Love Facebook Because It Tricks Us Into Thinking We're Doing…

When you're perusing your Facebook account, your brain might be fooling you into thinking you're doing something incredibly creative and productive that will improve your life. If only that were true! » 2/07/12 9:40pm 2/07/12 9:40pm

Quit Smoking By Smashing Virtual Cigarette Butts on Your iPhone

Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you like fiddling around with your phone? Perfect! Nicot, a $5 iOS app developed from a study by the Canada Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsychology and the University of Quebec in Outaouais, charges smokers to crush virtual cigarettes in hopes that it will help them vanquish real… » 3/16/11 1:20pm 3/16/11 1:20pm