Apple and Google Combine Forces to Explode Your Address Book

The ability to sync your Address Book contacts with Gmail—one of 10.5.3's most useful new features—could have used a bit more real-world testing. Rather than just syncing your beautiful, groomed, deliberately added contacts like any reasonable person would expect, Address Book downloads all of your Gmail account's… » 6/03/08 8:50pm 6/03/08 8:50pm

Apple Employee Address Reveals iPods With OS X, AppleTV Focus, and…

In addition to giving Apple employees a free 8GB iPhone by the end of July, Steve Jobs had a few more things to say in Apple's closed-door internal meeting today. » 6/28/07 3:47pm 6/28/07 3:47pm

Solar-Powered Address'o'Gauge

If you happen to live in an odd part of town that is damn near impossible for delivery drivers to find, this may be a good addition to your household. This device charges with delicious rays of sunlight and can then display up to five numbers, commonly for the address. The entire unit itself is approximately a foot… » 7/10/06 11:28am 7/10/06 11:28am

Hands-On: Matterinc Solar LED Numbers

Looking for some rich-looking house numbers that you can spot in the dark from 50 feet away? These Matterinc Solar LED Numbers can do the trick, and we know because we tested them. We put them on the west side of our facility for about five hours each day, and they stay lit well into the night, longer than any of us… » 4/17/06 7:15pm 4/17/06 7:15pm