Google's Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless "Search" Domain

ICANN's loosening up and getting ready to roll out a whole new batch of .whatever generic top-level domains, but Google wanted more. Google was pushing for crazy, dotless domains like http://search. But the dream is over. ICANN just smacked it down. » 8/17/13 10:06am 8/17/13 10:06am

Facebook and Gmail's Dispute Over Your Contacts' Details Has Got Dirtier

Google allows its users to download their data for exporting elsewhere. But after their tough stance against Facebook not sharing its own data, they blocked that option. Facebook's cleverly circumnavigated the block, meaning Gmail users can still find friends there. » 11/09/10 4:10am 11/09/10 4:10am

HP Readying Printers With Email Addresses

According to the NY Times, HP will be announcing printers—and I'm not joking here—"built for the iPhone age." Each printer, ranging from $99 to $400, will have its own email address for sending documents to. » 6/07/10 4:22am 6/07/10 4:22am