After 150 Years, Scientists Finally Know How Barnacle Glue Works

Over a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin first described the remarkable adhesive capabilities of barnacles. He couldn't figure out how their natural superglue worked, though. And it took until now to finally unlock the barnacle glue's mysteries. » 7/18/14 12:29pm 7/18/14 12:29pm

You Can Recycle These New Circuit Boards by Dunking Them in Hot Water

It almost seems too easy. With government funding, a trio of British companies recently developed a new way to build circuit boards that makes them 90-percent recyclable. In fact, all you have to do to recycle them is dunk them in hot water and scrape off the circuits with a business card. » 5/07/14 1:40pm 5/07/14 1:40pm

Insanely Strong Molecular Glue, Inspired by Flesh-Eating Bacteria

If you've ever stuck your fingers together with super glue, you know pain. But imagine sticking them together with glue that bonds materials at the molecular level: that's real pain. It's also what scientists are doing, with the help of flesh-eating bacteria. » 2/22/12 10:20am 2/22/12 10:20am

Modern Hang-Ups: A Magnetic Stick-Up For Your Stuff

This new design looks to replace all that messing around with pins and Scotch tape that happens when you try to stick stuff up on your walls or bulletin board. Modern Hang-ups is a simply an adhesive-backed strip of steel that comes with powerful magnetic "tacks." You just unroll however much you want, cut it, stick… » 4/07/08 7:36am 4/07/08 7:36am

Suck UK's Customizable Tape Roll Relieves You of Free Time

Do you have too much free time? Do you have crates of different inanimate objects that need labeling? Well, you're in luck; Suck UK has just launched this range of customizable tape.
» 1/20/08 1:53pm 1/20/08 1:53pm