Adobe's Wallaby Flash-to-HTML5 Converter Can be Downloaded Now

Who knows why Adobe named its Adobe Air tool "Wallaby" (it hops along?), but this "experimental technology" promises to let you reuse .FLA files by converting it to HTML5 for devices that don't support it. Like iPads. There will obviously be some features missing (such as video, sound and 3D transforms), but it's… » 3/08/11 6:30am 3/08/11 6:30am

Apple: All New Macs Will Ship Without Flash

Turns out Apple shipping the MacBook Air without Flash pre-installed wasn't just a one-time thing. From here on out, every Mac that's sold will be Flashless. That makes more of a statement than a Steve Jobs open letter ever could. » 10/22/10 12:59pm 10/22/10 12:59pm

Google Opines On Flash and HTML5, But Defers to its Own WebM Project's…

In a blogpost titled "Flash and the HTML5 tag," YouTube has detailed its (slightly fence-sitting) thoughts on the ever-present Adobe Flash/HTML5 issue, saying that while both offer pluses, it's really Google's own WebM project that we need. [YouTube] » 6/30/10 6:37am 6/30/10 6:37am

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Finalized, You Can Download Now

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 just got finalized so if you want silky smooth HD video, go download it now. Now everyone who's afraid of beta versions and release candidates can enjoy 10.1's full GPU acceleration of H.264 content. Well, almost everyone. Graphics acceleration is still limited to Windows PCs, you Mac and Linux… » 6/10/10 3:44pm 6/10/10 3:44pm

Flash 10.1 Release Candidate Now Available For Download

Looks like Flash 10.1 is emerging from the beta depths and almost ready for prime time. This is particularly good news for you owners of netbooks with Broadcom Crystal HD accelerators, since now you'll be able to watch HD Flash video. The hardware video acceleration applies to Windows XP, Vista, and 7, though Mac and… » 4/06/10 12:59pm 4/06/10 12:59pm