Flash 10.1 Is Good News for Hackintosh Netbooks

High-Def Flash video is a stretch on some hacktintosh netbooks, but Flash 10.1 brings it into the realm of possibility. I just installed it on my MSI Wind running Leopard, and damn: HD YouTube and Vimeo videos were almost watchable. » 11/17/09 12:10pm 11/17/09 12:10pm

Vimeo Videos Get Friendly With iPhones and Android

I love Vimeo's video quality, but unlike YouTube, it doesn't make my uploads iPhone friendly. But that may change: they've already converted all "Staff Picks" and HD video showcases into iPhone and Android-friendly formats, and say there's more to come. » 11/12/09 6:34am 11/12/09 6:34am

Flash 10.1: Full Flash for Everyone But iPhone, Actually Playable HD…

A ton of good news about Adobe Flash 10.1: Full Flash is coming to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile. and it'll be actually GPU accelerated, meaning you can play back YouTube in HD perfectly. But the bad news? » 10/05/09 12:01am 10/05/09 12:01am