Would You Rent Photoshop For $49 a Month?

49 notes seems pretty pricey to me, but then it's a lot more palatable than coughing up $650 for the full-flavor package. It could be handy if you had a month's work ahead of you, or always want the latest version. Adobe Subscription Editions has just launched now, for all your favorite pieces of software including… » 4/12/11 6:20am 4/12/11 6:20am

This Stunning Font Is Made Out of 114 Photoshop Files

When Emilio Gomariz noticed that Mac OS X remembers the positions of files and windows when you minimize them, he didn't just nod his head and get back to stirring in his low-fat creamer. Nope! He instead created 114 Photoshop files, placed them in exacting position, then minimized them on the dock. And when he… » 3/04/11 11:00am 3/04/11 11:00am

UK's Girl Scouts Cry For New Photoshopped-Images Law for Airbrushed…

If you believe what you see on TV, the US' Girl Scouts seem to spend all their time selling cookies door-to-door, but over in the UK the Girl Guide Association is concerned with far-weightier goals: changing Photoshop's future in media. » 8/04/10 9:40am 8/04/10 9:40am

Photoshop CS4 Dropping On Sept. 23?

Is Photoshop CS4 coming earlier than predicted » 9/11/08 11:45pm 9/11/08 11:45pm? A screengrab of NAPP Newswire shows that something is about to hit on Sept. 23... and that it's something to do with Adobe's Creative Suite 4. How disappointing would it be if whatever it is that's supposed to be "brilliant" turned out to be like... an ad? []

Adobe Photoshop Express Now Live: Free Online Photoshop for Everyone

Adobe's Photoshop Express, its free, online version of Photoshop is live right now. Targeted at everyday consumers, it's Photoshop stripped down to a pretty slick Flash 9-powered web app we got a demo of earlier today. It's super easy to crop, adjust saturation or exposure, or perform several other simple, but solid… » 3/27/08 12:01am 3/27/08 12:01am