Adobe Finally Launches Official Reader App for iOS

Adobe has launched an official version of its Reader PDF app on iTunes, bringing full support for document reading, searching and printing to most iOS devices. This must mean Adobe and Apple are friends again? [iTunes via Adobe] » 10/18/11 7:45am 10/18/11 7:45am

Free Adobe Reader App Now Available for Android Devices

The newest addition to the Android Marketplace is a free Adobe Reader app. It looks good, but keep in mind that it requires Android 2.1 or above and is currently only supported on some Android devices: » 5/24/10 6:45pm 5/24/10 6:45pm

Hi Ho Silverlight? Microsoft Windows Mobile Gets PDF and Flash Friendly

Microsoft just signed a deal to license Adobe's Flash Lite and Reader PDF formats for Windows Mobile. There's no word yet on when this will appear in the operating system itself, but it's a nice show of openness. It also means two things:
1) Microsoft's Flash competitor, Silverlight, may not be cutting the mustard,… » 3/17/08 9:22am 3/17/08 9:22am