Whistleblower Claims Google Stole Money From Publishers Using Adsense

An anonymous individual claiming to be a former Google employee posted detailed allegations about the search giant on Pastebin today. The self-stylized whistleblower claimed that Google managers directly ordered employees to steal money from publishers through AdSense, its ad placement service, and that the scheme has… »4/29/14 7:41pm4/29/14 7:41pm

Afternoon News: FBI Billboards, Radiohead Webcast, and Patents, Patents, Patents

• The FBI wants to install 150 digital billboards in 20 US cities in the next few weeks to show fugitives, missing people and gadget bloggers. [Network World]
Oft-discussed Radiohead will have a live webcast concert at midnight on January 1. It's almost cool to stay home on New Year's Eve now. [Pitchfork]
• Google… »12/27/07 4:00pm12/27/07 4:00pm

Google Jumps Further Into Cellphone Ads With AdSense for Mobile

The impending onslaught of ads coming to everyone's cellphone just got a little bit more inevitable with Google announcing AdSense for Mobile. The new ad network brings Google contextual ads to the smallest screen for the first time—its current mobile ad service, AdWords, only does search result ads. Like regular… »9/18/07 4:04am9/18/07 4:04am

Hope You've Got Broadband: Here Come Google Video Ads

Using its nearly ubiquitous AdSense network, Google is going to start delivering video ads from The Wall Street Journal, Life/Style Television and others to a small group of sites that choose to test the new program. Like their standard text ads, the video ones will be determined contextually. Of course, we can expect… »1/25/07 9:00am1/25/07 9:00am