On the Eve of Their New Show, Relive The Golden Age of Tim and Eric

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule 2014 Tour, the traveling variety show of my comedy heroes, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (with a special extended cameo by Dr. Steve Brule, played by none other than John C. Reilly). It was long and uncomfortable and weird. And… »9/18/14 8:10pm9/18/14 8:10pm


Adult Swim's iPhone and iPad App Lets You Stream Full Episodes

Adult Swim has a free app that lets you stream full episodes of all your favorite shows (and various clips!). There's also a TV schedule, a dashboard to get all their games (that you have to pay to play) and the iPad version even throws in a music player, a clock, weather and a calculator. Why? Who knows! [iTunes] »2/23/11 10:00pm2/23/11 10:00pm

"Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet" Not Based on Your Life, Surprisingly

A new Adult Swim show entitled "Fat Guy Stuck on the Internet" is coming, and you should be excited about it. Featuring actual actors in front of a green screen, it's a step away from the standard, you know, animated fare on Cartoon Network's stoner block. However, the premise, that a "rock and roll computer… »4/30/07 1:30pm4/30/07 1:30pm