A gun machine that shoots dumplings together would be the greatest thing

The world should put together all their brain power and weapons experts and artillery and dumpling ammo so that we can make this dumpling gun machine happen. Imagine a world where at a push of a button we can shoot out the perfect amount of meat, spice it, wrap it and cook it in less than 2 seconds. »2/27/15 8:41pm2/27/15 8:41pm


Making noises and sounds like a foley artist looks like a lot of fun

None of the mics are actually plugged in and the video is an ad for COS by Lernert & Sander but it sure makes the job of a foley artist look like a lot of fun. Rushing to recreate noises by creatively manufacturing sounds, choreographing moves to heighten the senses, it looks like a band performing with ridiculous… »9/13/14 12:35am9/13/14 12:35am

These ads explain why books are always better than movies

Everyone with wrinkles on their brains knows that the book is almost always better than the movie. The book can do so much more! Your personal vision is only limited by your imagination! The little details and subtleties are allowed to breath better! These ads explain it rather perfectly saying, "a big part of the… »5/02/14 9:01pm5/02/14 9:01pm

This Ad Promised 3D Videophones and Robot Shoppers by the Year 2000

Back in 1968, the videophone was supposed to be just around the corner. Phone companies around the world were working diligently to make it a reality. But sometimes their futuristic promises could go a little overboard, like in this Southwestern Bell ad that promised not just videophones, but three-dimensional »1/20/14 2:40pm1/20/14 2:40pm

It's Hard To Imagine A Classier Ad For Cup Noodles

There's a special place in most of our hearts for instant ramen. Whether you have no time, no money, or no will to live, Cup Noodles is a comforting Styrofoam haven in a cruel world. But it's definitely associated with sterile corporate break rooms and bare-mattress-on-the-floor apartments more than pastel animations… »10/20/13 11:29am10/20/13 11:29am

3D Ads Between Suitcases Make Japan's Luggage Carousels Far More Fun

One of the most tedious parts of air travel is waiting for your bag to arrive on the luggage carousel after a long flight. But in Japan, the wait is far more bearable because the luggage carousels are covered in fun 3D advertisements humorously selling you everything from sushi to the local produce. So here's yet… »8/20/13 2:20pm8/20/13 2:20pm