Why Is There a US Naval Cruiser in the Middle of This Cornfield?

If you're driving along the New Jersey turnpike just outside of Moorsetown and think you see the top of an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer peeking above endless rows of corn, miles from the nearest ocean, don't worry—it's supposed to be there. It's just a full-size mock up that Lockheed uses to develop its AEGIS Combat… » 1/16/14 12:50pm 1/16/14 12:50pm

Video of Spy Satellite Getting Shot Down

Watch as General Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (and apparently Jack Bauer's older brother) shows how the Lockheed Martin's Aegis missile launches and successfully destroys the rogue spy satellite. This is a huge success for the Pentagon and the anti-missiles system that was first conceived in… » 2/21/08 8:06am 2/21/08 8:06am