This Photog Uses A Chopper As A Studio To Show LA From A Different Angle

Mike Kelley specializes in industrial and architectural photography, but his real distinctive difference is his choice for a studio. Over the last two years, Kelley has taken to the skies above LA in a helicopter to obtain a sometimes eerie and other times breathtaking collection of images unlike anything we’ve ever… »7/08/15 4:06pm7/08/15 4:06pm


Amazing Aerial Photos of Greenhouses Blanketing the Spanish Landscape

The area in southern Spain known as mar del plástico is a landscape dominated by vast stretches of greenhouse farms. From the ground, it looks like nothing but roads winding through a maze of covered crops. But when seen from the air in photographer Bernhard Lang's images, things look a bit more surreal. »2/03/15 4:50pm2/03/15 4:50pm

How the City Looks When You're Hanging Out of a Helicopter Above It

Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes spends an outsized amount of time hanging out of the open door of a twin-engine helicopter. Your nightmare is his living—he's been shooting from the sky since 1991. And over on Sploid, he shares some of his latest work, including images from London's Shard and NYC's New York Times… »5/23/14 1:30pm5/23/14 1:30pm

Downtown L.A.'s Skyline from the Air: 1940s vs. 2014

Is L.A. flat? With mountains ringing the Southland on three sides—and even bisecting the city of Los Angeles along the Hollywood Hills—"flat" has never been an entirely fair description. But for decades the city's architecture betrayed a commitment to horizontality. While Manhattan and Chicago strained toward the… »4/20/14 7:36pm4/20/14 7:36pm

Hollywood From the Air: 1965 vs. 2014

Hollywood, 1965: the futuristic Cinerama Dome has just touched down on Sunset Boulevard. This spaceship of a movie theater—built in 1963 to showcase the three-projector Cinerama process—seems to bob amid a sea of surface parking. On the left, a new 22-story office tower rises from a concrete plaza at the corner of… »4/08/14 5:55pm4/08/14 5:55pm

The Kite-Borne Camera That Captured Post-Quake San Francisco in 1906

Drone photography is in the news this week, with protesters in Istanbul using unmanned cameras to document the events from above. Interestingly, the very first instance of remote aerial photography was devised to document an urban crisis, too: the 1906 earthquake that partially leveled San Francisco. »6/19/13 2:26pm6/19/13 2:26pm