The World's Biggest Jet Engine Is Brawnier Than Alan Shepard's Rocket

The Wright Flyer took off in 1903 powered by a measly 12 horsepower straight-four. Little did Orville and Wilbur know that just 110 years later, their pokey engines would eventually lead to a power plant with more horsepower than The Titanic and Shepard's Mercury-Redstone 3—combined. » 11/25/13 11:40am 11/25/13 11:40am

Ford Inspired by Chocolate Bar For New Lightweight Plastic

It may not be available in the US, but American car company Ford looked to Nestlé's Aero chocolate bar for inspiration when designing their new ultra-light plastic for their cars. Hoping to make a lighter plastic for better handling and accelerating, but not compromising its strength and durability, they examined the… » 4/08/11 12:40pm 4/08/11 12:40pm