This Poor Plane is More Ice than Aircraft After an Extreme Icing Test

Holy crap. Testing how aircraft ice in extreme cold weather makes sense, but surely this is going too far?! This 1983 test at NASA’s Icing Research Tunnel dropped this commuter transport engine into its own special torment, spraying it with water to observe freezing on the test model. »11/08/15 12:25pm11/08/15 12:25pm

Tiny Dancing Spider Crickets Could Lead to Better Robotics

Spider crickets are masters of aerodynamics. They don’t have wings, but they can jump up to 60 times their body length — equivalent to a human track star jumping the length of a football field. Now a team of engineering students at Johns Hopkins University has videotaped the critters in slow motion and discovered some… »10/23/15 2:20pm10/23/15 2:20pm

Simply Putting Fins On Tires Could Improve a Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency

Slapping a giant fin on the back of your hand-me-down Corolla isn’t going to make it go any faster. But researchers at Yokohama have found that adding a series of angled fins to a tire can actually help improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics, which in turn means better fuel efficiency and fewer stops at the pumps. »10/15/15 10:30am10/15/15 10:30am

Owl Wings Are Helping Silence Airplanes, Fans, and Wind Turbines

Owls are often considered nature’s stealth fighters, and it turns out their ability to silently is a result of a unique wing structure not found in any other bird. Now that researchers know the owl’s secret, they can make lots of stuff silent—everything from bedroom ceiling fans to massive wind turbines. »6/22/15 10:20am6/22/15 10:20am

12 Wind-Slipping Designs from the Father of Streamlining

Boat-planes, trains, flying cars, or school desks—you name it and Norman Bel Geddes could make it sleeker. He helped bring the Streamline style—one that balances aesthetics with aerodynamics—to the mainstream. Were Steve Jobs alive in the 1930's, he would have been all over this. Our friends at Oobject have 12 of his… »2/10/12 9:40pm2/10/12 9:40pm