The Aluminum Airship of the Future Has Finally Flown

There was once a time when man looked to the skies and expected to see giant balloons rather than airplanes drifting above. The Hindenburg Disaster promptly put an end to those dreams. But nearly a century later, one company may have finally figured out how to build a dirigible suitable for the 21st century. Just… »9/13/13 1:00pm9/13/13 1:00pm


Aeros ML866 Air Vehicle Accepted for FAA Approval, Still Three Years from First Flight

The FAA has accepted the Aeroscraft Aeros ML866 for certification, the aircraft which is neither an airship nor a dirigible or an airplane or an helicopter or a UFO, but is "classified as a fourth type of air vehicle, a buoyancy assisted air vehicle." However, don't hold your breath for a pleasant trip in this… »4/14/08 8:00am4/14/08 8:00am