This Fractured Fairy Tale of French Fantasy Will Haunt Your Dreams

Moongai, the Electro Pop duo out of Nantes, France has a new album coming out. But rather than play a single track all the way through to show off their musical chops, the band instead performs a bit of each in their surreal music video. But as with all dreams, not everything in these fanciful visions is as it seems. » 4/16/14 12:00am Yesterday 12:00am

Boss Noodles Make Lunch in Your Cubicle the Best Part of the Day

Waddaup playa, you tired of this 14-hour-a-day Salary Man drudgery? Well, your ticket to the boardroom has just arrived in an easy-to-open cellophane wrapper. Crunch through those delicious flash-dried noodles, rack up a seasoned fatty, and show Elaine in marketing what she's been missing with Boss Noodles. » 4/15/14 12:00am Tuesday 12:00am

This Brilliant Coming-of-Age Space Opera Will Leave You Breathless

For some, the path to adulthood is gradual and fluid, as if maturity could somehow seep into one's pores like steam from a warm bath. For others, the yoke of real responsibility is thrust suddenly and heavily upon their shoulders, though neither have a say in which path to maturity they will take. » 3/28/14 12:00am 3/28/14 12:00am

How to Find a Time-Traveling Laser Cat Stuck in the 1990s

This heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty by Inese Verina follows "over modern future wave guy" as he battles through a treacherous virtual world set in the dawn of the Internet era in search of his faithful laser cat. Well, either that or the single most absurd guerilla marketing campaign for Windows 98 of all… » 3/26/14 12:00am 3/26/14 12:00am

PSA: Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Hobos

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Scruffage is spread. This growing trend among American youth is not some innocent, victimless high. It's a highly-contagious parasitic infection that changes human physiology at the most basic facial hair level, transforming young men and women into cantankerous, chain-smoking,… » 3/20/14 12:00am 3/20/14 12:00am