A Tale of Babe Rainbows and Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forests

The next time you think to yourself, "Hey, I sure would like to have lived as a hippie in the 1960s," watch this video—sober—and realize that you'd have to dress like this. All the time. Seriously, why would anyone want to live through the Summer of Love? Oh right, because of all the sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. »5/30/14 12:00am5/30/14 12:00am

And This Is Why We Leave Time Travel to the Professionals

"Let's just pop back to last Tuesday," she says. "Oh don't worry about stepping on that lizard," she says. "It can't be that important." It can't be that important huh? WELL LOOK AT ME NOW! Bleeding, terrified, being hunted by my future-past self while trying to reconstruct a quantum timeline without tearing the… »5/23/14 12:00am5/23/14 12:00am

Why Don't All Metro Buses Transform into Intergalactic Robo-Fighters?

I don't know what Bondibots are (I don't speak French), I don't know what they're supposed to be doing when not fighting their way across the galaxy, playing soccer, or jamming on gigantic guitars—driving old people around maybe?—and I really don't know what the hell is going on in this video. All I do know is that… »5/21/14 12:00am5/21/14 12:00am

What a Savages Concert Looks Like Through a Welder's Mask (NSFW)

Between the light display, the gyrating performers, the overwhelming wall of sound, and that 1/8th of shrooms you just gobbled, sitting through a full concert without freaking out can be hard these days. But with director Giorgio Testi's wickedly tight cropping, your eyes and mind stay focused right where they should… »5/15/14 12:00am5/15/14 12:00am

The OMNIS POWERGLOVE Will Turn You Into a Demented Iron Man

Throw that Pebble into a lake and punch off the Google Glass off your face, the next generation of wearable tech is finally here! The OMNIS POWERGLOVE (you gotta say it like that, copyright law and all) combines a slew of handy features like neural integration, holographic projectors, and subconscious mind… »5/14/14 12:00am5/14/14 12:00am

This Short Film is Sure to Jump Start the Sci-Fi Cinema Renaissance

While Hollywood's storytelling only grows more stale by the reboot, independent filmmakers—often armed with little more than microscopic production budgets and a Vimeo channel—seem to have no trouble pushing the bounds of sci-fi cinema. Just look at this retrofuturistic gem from Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes. »5/06/14 12:00am5/06/14 12:00am

Further Proof that Kanye Makes Everything Better (or Maybe Worse)

The formula is simple: take one or more already successful intellectual properties, shamelessly rip off some sick beats remix the soundtrack using an existing Kanye West joint, then just sit back and wait for the shitstorm of Kanye fanbois and haters to eviscerate one another's musical tastes in the discussion… »5/03/14 12:00am5/03/14 12:00am