Afterglow: Better Filters and Editing for Your Instagram Photos

I'm impressed, mobile photography grasshopper. You've gotten pretty good at Instagram I see. Feeling limited by meager selection of filters? Afterglow will take you to the next level. » 11/07/12 7:00pm 11/07/12 7:00pm

Afterglow Allows You To Draw On Your PowerPoint Presentation With a…

Afterglow uses a USB camera to track the motion of a laser dot—effectively turning it into a drawing tool or a mouse. Now that is something every boardroom needs. » 5/01/09 1:50pm 5/01/09 1:50pm

Afterglow Luminous Chair is Made from Recycled Milk Jugs

The Afterglow chair, designed by Douglas Homer, is the perfect present for the entomologist in your life. Allow me to do a little bit of sexy scene-setting for you. It's a balmy summer evening and you and he/she have been making the bug with two backs for—ooh, almost seven minutes now (and that was doing it twice).
» 5/24/07 6:11am 5/24/07 6:11am