TiVo Spread Internationally via Gemstar-TV Guide

TiVo has just made a patent license agreement with Gemstar-TV Guide in order for the latter to deploy TiVo service in international markets. In regular language, that means TiVo service is coming to other countries, but may be either in actual TiVo boxes or as just software in a third-party box. Either way, chances… » 4/08/08 3:57pm 4/08/08 3:57pm

A Note to PR Folks: I'm Begging for Universal Loan Agreements

So, you know me. We've worked together for years. When I need a review unit, I email you, and we work out the details and everything is gravy. Easy. Except for that silly loan agreement that we have to fill out every single time. And don't get me started about the faxing part of it. Don't you think we can have your… » 8/23/07 5:17pm 8/23/07 5:17pm