These Five Amazing Houses Just Won Awards For Being Small and Cheap

Last month, we looked Chicago's tiniest buildings of the year. Now, the national chapter of the American Institute of Architects has unveiled its 2014 Small Projects awards, which honor buildings on the smaller end of the spectrum. Their list includes five houses that were built small, on smaller budgets. »6/12/14 9:20am6/12/14 9:20am

The Tech That Powers Six of the Greenest Buildings of 2014

Hearing the word "sustainable" conveys pretty much zilch about what makes a building efficient—more than anything, it's a term that tends to bore people. But if you look closer at the mechanical systems at work in some of the most energy efficient buildings going up today, you'll find technology that sounds almost… »4/29/14 9:00am4/29/14 9:00am

7 Surprising Structures That Would Have Transformed San Francisco

When you live in a city for a while, it begins to feel—for better or for worse—like every block is completely familiar. But there’s a heck of a lot of invisible history inherent in even the most recognizable sites. This month, San Francisco is celebrating its own unrealized gems; Unbuilt is the theme of the AIA’s… »9/06/13 9:00am9/06/13 9:00am