Japan Is Holding Actual Funerals For Sony's Robotic AIBO Dogs

When a decades old toy breaks down and stops working with no hope of repair, you usually just toss it or find some way to recycle the parts. But what if you're as attached to that toy as you were a pet? In Japan, people are giving Sony's robot AIBO dog actual funerals to say goodbye to their faithful, electronic… » 2/26/15 10:20am 2/26/15 10:20am

Aibo and the Days of Hot Dog-on-Robot Action

In 1999, the world met Aibo, the $2,500 robotic dog from Sony. The following year brought quite the litter of less expensive mechanized pups. Real dogs, however, had mixed feelings about their cyber counterparts. » 12/18/09 9:20pm 12/18/09 9:20pm

Rolly Orchestrates Aibo Chorus of Doom

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce us to the real enemy. You thought your robot overlords would resemble Skynet? No, my friend. What you should be fearing is this: obedient, discontinued machine puppies. [Robot.Impress] » 2/26/09 2:00am 2/26/09 2:00am

Top Tips on Socializing Pets and Bots, Courtesy of WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a great feature this morning about pets and household robots, such as Roombas and Pleos. Writer Andrew Lavallee has compiled all sorts of anecdotes—including useful tips on how to bed your pet in with the 'bot in your life, including protecting your Sony Aibo from cat bites (cayenne pepper… » 6/11/08 7:10am 6/11/08 7:10am

CES 2008: Comprehensive Robot Roundup

We had a wail of a time at CES 2008, but we were not the only ones. The various robots on display were also going nuts at the convention. We have rounded them all up in this excellent video, showing you the neat robotics that we thought were worthy of a video shout out. Hit the clip to see them in action, and then… » 1/14/08 2:00am 1/14/08 2:00am

New AIBO PS Rumors Grow, PlayStation AIBO?

It looks like Kotaku's word on a new AIBO was fairly solid, because a new [still rumor] from Stuff talks about an AIBO PS (or AIBO PlayStation as we read that). Controlled through a PS3, the AIBO PS will appear as an avatar on the PS3 XMB (menu system). Personalities will be downloadable off PSN and...wow, it just… » 12/08/07 6:20pm 12/08/07 6:20pm

New AIBO in the Works, Could be PS3-Compatible

According to an interview with game designer and Sony buddy Masaya Matsuura, a new AIBOesque device is in development. From his interview with Kotaku: » 8/07/07 10:51am 8/07/07 10:51am

AIBOs never appealed to me. But with PS3 support and a killer app, the robo pet could actually be a lot of fun. You know, not quite as fun as a real dog. But still…

RoboSquare Has All Robots to Bite Your Non-Shiny, Non-Metal Ass But…

Anyone rabidly into robots and heading to Japan needs to check out RoboSquare. Situated on the second floor of the TNC Broadcast Hall in Fukuoka City, RoboSquare is described as a "Test-Drive Center" for our more compact and bijou automaton friends. Although it opened in 2002, the center has just moved into larger… » 7/19/07 6:30am 7/19/07 6:30am

Ridiculous Sony AIBO Accessories

A few guys and a researcher were messing around with building a playroom for the AIBo so it could learn new skills. In the process, they came up with some accessories for the AIBO that makes it look pretty damn goofy. » 8/08/06 3:55pm 8/08/06 3:55pm

Genibo: Aibo Knockoff Coming

For those Aibo fanboys still weeping over the discontinuance of the object of their techno-affection, in prances Korean company Dasastech with Genibo, the robot dog that comes when you call and never shits on the floor. » 8/01/06 1:38pm 8/01/06 1:38pm

Genibo, The New Robot Puppy

South Korean company DasaTech is looking to fill the robot-dog-void left when Sony discontinued the AIBO recently. Looking at the sample video, we can say that the Genibo's motion isn't very smooth — more like quick and jerky. Pretty much what you would expect of a robotic dog that hasn't been a couple cycles of… » 4/29/06 10:43pm 4/29/06 10:43pm

Jindo To Fill Your Need for Robot Dogs

Nature and marketeers abhor a vacuum, and so the hole left by the demise of Sony's robot dog Aibo will soon be filled with another, more ambitious design. Jindo—Hindi for "alive"—has specifications that are both impressive and head-scratching. The Korean developer of Jindo, Eungsang Park, has given it a Navigator… » 3/20/06 10:49am 3/20/06 10:49am

Aibo Reborn in Software

Aibo, your candle burned out long before your legend ever did, and Tea Vui Huang is keeping you alive through the magic of warez. Aibo Memories is a controllable Aibo simulator for Symbian Series 60 phones. While the value of this software is very dubious, I suspect Aibo lovers will be wiping a tear from their cheeks… » 2/13/06 1:27pm 2/13/06 1:27pm

Sony To Chuck Classy Living

Though most of us think of Sony as solely an electronics company, you may be interested to know that the Japanese giant also owns large stakes in what it calls "non-core" businesses as well. These include importer-retailer Sony Plaza Co., cosmetics maker B&C Laboratories Inc., French-restaurant chain Maxim's de Paris… » 2/06/06 12:00pm 2/06/06 12:00pm

Sony Confirms Robot Shutdown, QUALIA Axed?

Well, it's true, folks. Not only has the Aibo been nixed from Sony's future, but it looks like QRIO, our robot with the third eye is also bidding a fond farewell. Here's the statement straight from the source:
» 1/27/06 11:49am 1/27/06 11:49am

Aibo Rolls Over, Plays Dead

It's a sad day in Sony-land. Though we don't have absolute confirmation, a gander at Sony's corporate website seems to say that the company has halted new product development of this lovable robot dog, and production was supposed to have stopped at the end of last year. This despite recent scientific research showing… » 1/26/06 11:02am 1/26/06 11:02am

Fetch! The New AIBO ERS-7M3

About time! Sony hasn't given up on good ol' AIBO at all! This is a huge improvement and upgrade over the original ERS-7 model. This time, AIBO will be able to recognize over 1000 words (or a picture...har har har), a new service called AIBO Photo Diary, and a whole lot more. No release date yet and the price will… » 9/29/05 11:28am 9/29/05 11:28am

Robot Dog to Human: "Go for a walk, fatty."

In last month's episode of "What odd thing is MIT making now" we discovered the jerk-o-meter that analyzed telephonic speech patterns to determine if your "friends" really care about your "life" over the phone. Well this month the crazy MIT kids are making life even more pitiful with one of those Sony robotic dogs.… » 9/02/05 9:50am 9/02/05 9:50am

Here iDoggie-Doggie

We've already seen those dancing beer can-radios that groove along to FM broadcasts, but now the genre has moved on to "man's best friend." The Sega Toys iDog not only rips off Apple's packaging (like everything else these days) but it's AIBO-like facial expressions take a lesson from Sony as well. Just sit the iDog… » 8/31/05 12:20pm 8/31/05 12:20pm