Asus AiGuru SV1T Skype Videophone Gets a Touchscreen

At the price of a netbook ($300), the first-gen Asus videophone was more for those wanting to video Skype without a PC (think Grandparents). But the navigation was fiddly, so they've now made the 7-inch (800x480) display touch-capable. » 9/18/09 7:44am 9/18/09 7:44am

Asus Launches AiGuru SV1, World's First Skype-Certified Videophone

Update » 9/18/08 5:51am 9/18/08 5:51am: Asus tells us that the product wasn't supposed to be announced just yet. They're still tweaking the unit, so the specs listed below aren't the final specs. What we do know is that this device is coming and it is going to be something similar to this, but minor details will probably be changed. The original…