MSI AE2420 3D: First 3D Multitouch All-In-One PC First Impressions

MSI's historically been known more for their motherboards and the occasional hyperefficient netbook. But by bringing North America its first 3D Multitouch AIO PC in the AE2420 3D, the company's clearly making a statement. And it's a welcome one. » 9/14/10 9:00am 9/14/10 9:00am

Asus Eee Keyboard Confirmed For October, Wireless HDMI Included

Hell yes. Asus has finally committed to an October U.S and European arrival for its entertainment-PC-in-keyboard. The sleek device has a 5-inch touchscreen and Ultra Wideband HDMI (with receiver) to connect to your TV. I want it on my coffee-table. » 9/14/09 7:45am 9/14/09 7:45am

MSI's Wind Top AE2010: A 20-incher With More Grunt than Atom Nettops

The AE2010 improves on the AE1900 pretty much where it counts. The Atom CPU has been ditched for a faster Athlon X2 3250e, the memory and storage increased (4GB and 320GB, respectively), and the larger 20-inch touchscreen now does 1600-by-900. » 8/27/09 4:15am 8/27/09 4:15am

Asus Eee Keyboard Expected "As Early As October"

In the latest twist of the Eee Keyboard's delay, DigiTimes reports the entertainment-PC-in-a-keyboard should be ready "as early as October". It also says the 20-inch Eee Top AIO, and two new ultra-thin U/UX series notebooks will arrive in September. » 8/21/09 6:03am 8/21/09 6:03am

$450 Lenovo C300 All-in-One Desktop Has Netbook Guts

Lenovo's new summer products all share the same thrifty sensibilities, and the C300 AIO desktop is no exception. Looking at the specs, it's roughly an Atom-based netbook. Looking at its pictures, it's a nicely-styled desktop, not unlike the new Dell Studio all-in-one. » 5/25/09 6:30am 5/25/09 6:30am

Dell Studio 19 Multitouch All-in-One Arrives in US of A for $699, No…

Six weeks after Dell's multitouch Studio 19 all-in-one hit Japan, it's finally coming to the US. Despite my penchant for mocking Dell's designers, if you're looking for a non-iMac all-in-one, it's worth a shot. » 4/28/09 9:51am 4/28/09 9:51am

Asus Eee Top Fingers-On Shows Good All-In-One Touch PC

Here's a fingers-on the new Asus Eee Top, the Windows-baseed all-in-one PC that will ship later this year for $400. The 15-inch display nettop » 10/17/08 10:20am 10/17/08 10:20am has a special Windows simplified interface that allows for easy touch operation, with big icons that you can click with your big sausage fingers. It also has Express Gate, the…