Aiptek's AHD 300 Camcorder Does Full 1080p HD, Costs $250

Aiptek's last HD camcorder » 8/11/08 6:03am 8/11/08 6:03am we showed you did 720p recording for a budget $170. But time and technology waits for no man, so Aiptek's newest cam now records at 1080p. The AHD 300 actually manages 30 frames per second at this resolution, but if you're into slightly high-speed filming, it can even stretch to 60 fps if…

Aiptek Pocket Projector Can Probably Shine Larger Than Your TV

Continuing an increasingly apparent trend at Computex, Aiptek is planning to show their new PocketCinema V10 mini-projector, which they say is rated to display images up to a diagonal 50 inches. Details are still a little slim at the moment, but Aiptek has released a basic spec set, claiming a support for MPEG-4… » 6/05/08 7:58pm 6/05/08 7:58pm