Cold in the Office? Blame the Equation Used to Set the Thermostat

If you work in an office, chances are you or the person sitting next to you has grumbled about it being too hot or cold. No one likes rugging up on a summer’s day to contend with the air-conditioning. Or having to shed one too many layers in winter to compensate for stifling heat indoors. »8/04/15 3:30am8/04/15 3:30am


Greencore Semi-Solar-Powered Units Use Both the Sun and the Grid

AC manufacturer Greencore has come up with a long-awaited solution to the inherent problem »8/16/08 1:00pm8/16/08 1:00pm in solar-powered air conditioning units-solar panels are still not efficient enough to power the energy-gobbling machines on their own. The company's 10200 model uses a single 170-watt solar panel during the day and electricity…

Air-Conditioned Tie 2.0 From Thanko Knot Very Fabulous, Really

Those egg-heads from Thanko have spent the best part of a year banging their large, domed cerebelli together, tackling what is without doubt the biggest question that the human race faces this millennium: how to upgrade their air-conditioned tie. And this is what they came up with—hiding the fan grille behind the… »6/20/08 8:40am6/20/08 8:40am