Skype, Porn May Not Fly In Friendly Skies

The good news is, all you guys who have been dreading the use of internet calling on airplanes may be in luck, because airlines and airborne service providers alike are considering a ban on Skype. The bad news is, they're also considering a ban on that age-old lonely traveler's companion, porn, says the AP. Here's a… » 12/24/07 12:45pm 12/24/07 12:45pm

Air France Makes In-Flight Calling Possible, Gallic Shrugs All Round

Air France is to let passengers loose on their cellphones by turning on its in-flight mobile data and voice system. An initial three-month trial period will only allow SMS and mobile emails, with voice calls expected to come later. Although this is the first European carrier to allow mobile devices to be used, one… » 12/21/07 5:21am 12/21/07 5:21am