Latest Kinect Hack Gives More False Hope to Air Guitar Enthusiasts…

Microsoft Kinect has more than proven itself to be this year's eminently hackable peripheral—all the cool kids are doing it! This air guitar hack? Continues the trend quite admirably. Here's to the inevitably face-melting air guitar game coming soon. » 12/12/10 6:00pm 12/12/10 6:00pm

Dealzmodo: Free Air Guitars

If you dig air guitars, then you will flip over this (expired) dealzmodo. Offered in the UK's Glasgow City Centre in promotion with a radio station launch, visitors could snag a free air guitar. Hell, they could take more than one. Just look at that huge inventory! [frederiksamuel via inventorspot] » 1/12/08 1:00pm 1/12/08 1:00pm

Air Guitar Gadgets Aren't as Cool as Real Guitars, Somehow

In Den Den Town in Osaka, Bashcraft and I found a table with a bunch of air guitar gadgets at the front of an electronics store. What are air guitar gadgets, you ask? They're stupid little devices that make noise when you pretend to play guitar, making you look like a total jackass. Or me look like a total jackass,… » 10/17/07 4:00pm 10/17/07 4:00pm

Show off your Fancy Fretwork with the Air Musician Game

Air Musician is some sort of Air Guitar toy, courtesy of those nice people at Sega. Not quite sure how it works, but who cares when it plays Deep Purple, Lenny Kravitz and (sic) AaroSmith? Fun, 15 bucks and three colorways *twiddles left-hand fingers in air and makes O-face*. [Megahouse via TokyoMango] » 9/07/07 5:42am 9/07/07 5:42am

Martin's "History of Flight" Guitar Costs $150,000, Ranks Among World's…

As the owner of a Martin guitar (one that cost substantially less than $150,000), I know this one-of-a-kind piece here probably has beautiful tone and resonance, made as it is from the finest Adirondack spruce and Brazilian rosewood. But we seriously have to talk about this "History of Flight" theme...
» 7/25/07 8:30pm 7/25/07 8:30pm

Air Guitar Pro Lets the Skill-less Be Skilled

Can't be bothered to learn guitar? Get Guitar Hero. Even lazier than that? Get this Air Guitar Pro. The gadget consists of the upper neck of the guitar, and have seven buttons to create chords and modify them (major, minor, augmented, diminished). » 6/21/07 2:00pm 6/21/07 2:00pm

Air Guitar Pro: An Accessory for a Virtual Toy?

Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has developed a special "air guitar controller," which is essentially the upper neck and head of a real guitar. There are fake frets and and it plays little noises when pushing the frets. The Air Guitar Pro is available for $22 and will likely never hit our shores. It's okay, I… » 4/11/07 8:20pm 4/11/07 8:20pm

T-Shirt Turns Air Guitar Riffs Into Actual Sounds: The World Weeps

Odds are that everyone has rocked out to the sweet sounds of an air guitar on at least one occasion and now scientists have invented a t-shirt that transforms your air riffs into real ones. The t-shirt interprets the movements of the wearer's arms (one picks and the other creates cords) and wirelessly sends the… » 11/13/06 9:06am 11/13/06 9:06am