Paddle Salt and Pepper Shakers Bring Air Hockey To the Dinner Table

If you find it hard enough to keep order when all of your kids are gathered in the dining room for dinner, this set of air hockey salt and pepper shakers is just about the last thing you'd want to bring to the table. Because thanks to felt pads on the underside they're just as functional as air hockey paddles as they… »2/24/15 9:20am2/24/15 9:20am


You Will Never Beat This Hustling Robot At Air Hockey

It doesn't matter how many hours you wiled away at college in the rec room, this air hockey-playing robot, developed by researchers at Chiba University's Namiki Lab, will beat you. And not only will it never lose, the robot has also been taught how to string along its human opponent so they think they have a chance… »6/13/13 5:21pm6/13/13 5:21pm

Air Hockey Robot Makes Air Hockey a More Calculating, Dangerous Game

So you think you're a pretty mean air hockey player, do you? Well, are you good enough to take on a robot programmed to do nothing but destroy you in air hockey? When you take into consideration that this robot won't get drunk and sloppy and won't trash talk, it starts to look better than you on a number of levels. It… »6/23/08 3:40pm6/23/08 3:40pm