eVouse Mouse Concept Bridges Regular Mice With Air Mice

Air Mice are fine enough if you have to control an HTPC from your bed, across the room, they're usually inaccurate and finicky. Why not make it a regular mouse too? And lo, the eVouse is. » 2/10/10 1:40pm 2/10/10 1:40pm

Hand-Mounted Mouse or Goa'uld Weapon?

Maybe I've been watching too many Stargate reruns or maybe the AirMouse hand-mounted input device was really inspired by Goa'uld technology. Either way, I'm skeptical about its ability to prevent repetitive stress injuries. » 1/29/10 11:20pm 1/29/10 11:20pm

Gyration Air Mouse Elite Wants You To Wave It Around Like You Just…

Until I can get a laser mouse embedded in my fingertip Gyration's new Air Mouse Elite will have to do. The Elite should respond better to in-air movements and gestures than the last version with improved motion-sensing software. » 9/17/09 9:10am 9/17/09 9:10am

Gyration MotionSense Air Mouse Don't Need No Stinkin' Mousemat

Movea's Gyration Motionsense Air Mouse adds to the ranks of new mice » 9/24/08 8:00am 9/24/08 8:00am with gyros and accelerometers inside so you can control your computer just by waving them mid-air. It's an ambidextrous mouse using 2.4GHz wireless tech with 100-foot range and it's got both customizable buttons and gesture recognition. Inside there…

Sneaked Shot of Upcoming Logitech MX Air Mouse?

Logitech's apparently planning a run into the air mouse market with its MX platform. It looks to sport both gyration-based movement and a standard laser, though they're supposedly holding off on Bluetooth in favor of RF. Expected drop date is sometime this summer. » 6/08/07 7:21pm 6/08/07 7:21pm

Gyrotransport: Ultra-Portable Air Mouse

Thomson sneaked its newest Gyration product today, the Gyrotransport. This curvy white mouse could fit on a keychain and even get lost in your man-purse. There is a 1GB USB dongle that snaps into the underbelly too. Slide that sucker off, plug it into a Windows XP machine and it carries both the software required to… » 11/15/05 5:40pm 11/15/05 5:40pm