Dyson's Bladeless Fans Are Now 75 Percent Quieter

It's been over four years since Dyson introduced a fan that somehow worked without visible blades. And besides releasing a few new models over the years, the company hasn't announced any major updates to its Air Multiplier line since 2009. But it turns out that's because Dyson's engineers were finding clever ways to… » 3/05/14 8:54pm 3/05/14 8:54pm

ColorWare's Latest Victim Needs No Introduction: the Dyson Air…

By now, you've realized that ColorWare likes coating beautiful products with strange, ghastly colors. At least they're colors you get to choose, mind you. Purchasing Dyson's fan through them costs $450, but send in your own for $150. [ColorWare] » 1/25/11 8:40am 1/25/11 8:40am

Two Larger Dyson Air Multiplier Fans Appear With Extra Power

Less than a year ago, Dyson changed the face of the humble home fan completely—not just giving it a bit of plastic surgery, but completely removing its blades. Now, two much larger, powerful fans have blown in. » 6/22/10 2:30am 6/22/10 2:30am

How Dyson's Blade-less Fan Works

In case my passionate summary wasn't enough, this info-clip will demonstrate how Dyson's Air Multiplier moves air without blades—except that it fails to mention that there are still blades inside the machine (that factoid kills the magic). [boingboing] » 10/19/09 5:00pm 10/19/09 5:00pm

Dyson Air Multiplier Review: Making a $300 Fan Takes Cojones

Dyson's newest invention, a window fan with no blades, is the most opulent, most eye-catching and most ludicrously overpriced gadget the company has released yet. And I sort of love it. » 10/12/09 7:01pm 10/12/09 7:01pm