When You're Not Cleaning, This Self-Standing Vac Is Also an Air Purifier

What do you do with your vacuum in-between visits from your parents? Does it just sit in a utility closet until you need to do a mad-dash cleaning the day before company arrives? That seems like a waste, and Mitsubishi apparently agrees because the company has created a stick vac that does double-duty as an air… »2/11/15 9:52am2/11/15 9:52am


An Air Purifier Designed For the Space Station Must Be Good Enough For Your Home

If there's one place on—or off—the Earth where the air has to be clean, it's on the International Space Station. That's why many years ago Nasa developed a revolutionary purifying system for the ISS that has since trickled down for use in hospitals, food packing plants, government offices, and now your home. »3/18/13 5:20pm3/18/13 5:20pm

Thanko USB-Powered Air Purifier Mask Filters Allergens, Dignity

Yes, Thanko makes weird stuff, we know. But a USB-powered air purifier mask? What kind of market are they shooting for with this? Sure, the silicon mask may purify air of allergens, but at what cost? I don't know, is mask wearing a thing over there? Just look at the girl's reaction in the third panel—terrifying! I'd… »2/16/07 10:10am2/16/07 10:10am