Air Traffic Controllers Go From Napping to Movie Watching

The Federal Aviation Administration, the country's top federal agency for documenting instances of unauthorized nappy time, has yet another embarrassing incident on its hands. This time, the air traffic controller wasn't asleep—he was just watching a terrible Samuel L. Jackson movie. (But not the one about the snakes… »4/19/11 10:20am4/19/11 10:20am

New York Air Traffic Controllers Make Double the Average Errors

The national average of air traffic controller errors is 1 in 84,000 "flight operations." New York City area folks make 1 in 40,000. If the worst that happens from these errors is that your plane goes for a swim in the Hudson, I'd say they're not too severe. Also, that wasn't an error (I don't think), right? [NYPost] »3/07/11 3:25pm3/07/11 3:25pm