How a Better Food Tray Is Saving Virgin Atlantic Millions

Every ounce counts when you're hoisting several hundred tons of steel into the air and flying it across an ocean. So does every second flight attendants spend waiting on the people inside. Those ounces and seconds add up—and that's why Virgin Atlantic spent $168 million on a transformative redesign of its meal trays. » 6/10/14 12:00pm 6/10/14 12:00pm

Malaysia Airlines Flight Carrying 239 Vanishes Off Coast of Vietnam

Friday afternoon, at about 1:40 pm EST, a passenger jet flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared from radar screens and lost radio contact with air traffic control. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which was scheduled to land four hours later, was carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members. » 3/08/14 10:53am 3/08/14 10:53am

The "Highway of Light" That Guided Early Planes Across America

The dusty landscape of the American West is dotted with enormous concrete arrows. They look like cryptic messages from a primitive civilization — a civilization that was obsessed with westward expansion. And that assessment wouldn't be altogether wrong. But these enormous arrows pointing west tell only part of the… » 11/18/13 4:40pm 11/18/13 4:40pm

Air Travel Today is a Damn Bargain

It might not feel like it, but air travel's a steal compared to what it was a half century ago. Since the American airline industry was deregulated in 1978, ticket prices have fallen by about 40%. Of course, air travel isn't quite as luxurious as some postwar dreamers imagined, but you can't beat that price. So just… » 7/29/13 5:34pm 7/29/13 5:34pm

How to Find Out If Your Flight Has Wi-Fi, and How Much It'll Cost

Nowadays many planes come with internet access for an arguably small fee. Some airlines offer Wi-Fi across their entire fleet while others only on certain types of planes and flights. If you want to find out if you can stay connected during your flight, you only need to know where to look. » 7/17/13 2:57pm 7/17/13 2:57pm

Obama: If You Sit on the Tarmac for Three Hours, You Deserve Pretzels

President Obama's new "Passenger's Bill of Rights" should come in handy now with the massive apocalyptic snowstorms ravaging the northeast and cheering children's hearts. If you sit on the tarmac in a plane for more than two hours and haven't been given food or water, or for more than three hours and haven't been… » 12/21/09 9:40pm 12/21/09 9:40pm