The FTC Wants Your Opinion On Airbnb, Uber and Lyft

Should cities treat Airbnb rentals like any other hotel room? What kind of insurance should Uber drivers carry to protect passengers? These are just some of the questions that the Federal Trade Commission will (probably) be discussing in an upcoming workshop exploring the so-called “sharing economy.” And it wants to… » 4/17/15 11:48am 4/17/15 11:48am

Working airplane transformed into perfect loft now available on Airbnb

The latest marketing stunt from the Dutch airline KLM gives you the chance to spend a night in this airplane refurbished into a gorgeous loft. At first I thought that sleeping next to the runaway of one of the busiest airports in Europe sounded like a bad idea, but then I saw the pictures and changed my mind. » 11/18/14 11:22am 11/18/14 11:22am

Ikea Showrooms Are Being Listed on Australian Airbnb

Most kids want to stay overnight at the museum of planetarium. But certain weirdos, like me, always wanted to sleep over at Ikea, amongst the endless rows of futons and 99 cent Swedish doo-dads. Now, we're getting our chance, thanks to an Airbnb promo with Ikea that will rent out beds overnight. » 8/21/14 10:10am 8/21/14 10:10am

Airbnb Is Giving NY's Attorney General a Load of (Anonymized) User Data

Don't freak out. But if you're an Airbnb host in the state of New York, there's a good chance your user data is on its way to the New York Attorney General's office. It's anonymized data, so personally identifiable data like your name and address have been removed. However, if the you're suspected of illegal activity,… » 5/21/14 11:20am 5/21/14 11:20am

AirBnB's Redesigned App Makes On-The-Go Hosting Simple And Social

Guests usually get all the glory in the hospitality industry—everything is catered to making their experience absolutely freaking perfect. In AirBnB’s booming hospitality empire, however, it’s hosts who make the world go 'round. Now, the company’s founders have rolled out a handful of new features geared directly… » 11/13/13 8:27am 11/13/13 8:27am

When Will Airbnb Decide What Kind of Company It Wants to Be?

In 2007, I got an email from San Francisco. A big industrial design conference was coming to town and Bay Area hotels were predictably overbooked and overpriced. Two designers wanted to help their friends find affordable, un-scary places to stay, so they started a website called AirBed & Breakfast. » 10/07/13 3:20pm 10/07/13 3:20pm

11 Architectural Masterworks You Can Rent on Airbnb

As Airbnb has expanded, it's come under fire from ornery landlords and wary neighbors—being blamed, in at least one case, for driving up citywide rent prices. But at the same time, Airbnb gives us access to an unprecedented number of otherwise inaccessible buildings. For example: Right now on Airbnb, you can stay… » 9/10/13 9:00am 9/10/13 9:00am