Julia Roberts' Make-Up Adverts Banned For Being Too Photoshopped

The image you see of Julia Robert' flawless face has been gooning down from billboards and magazines for months now. Only trouble is, it's fake—and now banned in the UK. » 7/28/11 4:20am 7/28/11 4:20am

The Panasonic Lumix FX78 Airbrushes Your Face to Make You Prettier

You've seen the scene before: immediately after a picture is snapped, a group of girls huddle around the camera to see how they look. More often than not, one of the girls shriek, "Ah! I don't like it, let's take it again!". And they take another picture and do the same post picture routine. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. But… » 3/03/11 9:00pm 3/03/11 9:00pm

Laptop as Canvas: Smooth Creations Custom Airbrush Art

We stumbled upon these gorgeous works of airbrush art and couldn't resist showing them to you. Painted by Smooth Creations, a White City, Oregon company headed up by Jim Smooth Saling, it costs between $300 and $500 to have a custom painting like this on the back of your notebook. Sounds like a bargain. » 3/06/06 11:26am 3/06/06 11:26am