US Navy's new carrier kind of looks like a Star Destroyer from the back

We have seen a lot of its bow, but check out this unique view of the stern of the USS Gerald Ford—the first unit of America's new aircraft carrier class. It's surprising to see the new location of the island and how wide the stern is. Oh, and it kind of looks kind of Star Destroyerish from this angle. » 11/19/13 8:46pm 11/19/13 8:46pm

This Is Why the US Navy Is the Most Formidable Naval Force In the World

Here's a rare sight: four out of the ten Nimitz-class aircraft carriers—the largest warships ever built—plus an Enterprise-class carrier docked together. They are resting at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, which coincidentally is the largest naval base in the world. Look at all that engineering and firepower. And… » 1/04/13 1:20pm 1/04/13 1:20pm