Live in Air: 10 Things You Need To Know About In Flight Wi-Fi

I'm live from Virgin America's Beta run of their Wi-Fi service, over San Francisco, and there are a few things you should know about how its going to work when most airlines go live in 2009. And yes, I am posting this live from 15k feet over the Pacific Ocean. 1. Your last bastion of Internet Free peace is gone.… »11/22/08 7:30pm11/22/08 7:30pm


Delta to Block Porn On In-Flight Wi-Fi So Flight Attendants Don't Have To

Where the open internet goes, porn follows; howerver, this golden rule is being re-evaluated for the friendly skies by Delta, who plans to filter web sites used on their implementation of Aircell's Gogo »10/03/08 2:45pm10/03/08 2:45pm in-flight Wi-Fi service. While most of the early adopters of in-flight Wi-Fi have said they will only filter certain…