Scenes From When Flying Was Still Civilized

There once was a Golden Age Of Flying. You didn't have to queue up, strip down, and surrender your beverage to the Goon Squad. Meals were served on real plates instead of sad, soggy cardboard boxes. The act of traveling itself was a pleasant part of the journey—instead of a necessary act of mass-transit. These… » 2/28/13 10:05am 2/28/13 10:05am

SLICC Pods Are New First Class Cabins For Air Force Brass

I've never been on a trans-Atlantic aboard a military transport aircraft, but I can guess that they're not the most comfortable way to fly. So it's understandable that top-ranking Air Force brass would want something a little more amenable to resting, taking meetings, and watching Hot Shots Pt. Deux on a 37"… » 7/18/08 12:00pm 7/18/08 12:00pm