$5 Elgato EyeTV App Now Streams Over AirPlay

The latest version of Elgato's much-loved EyeTV app, 1.2.3, brings along sought-after AirPlay support for streaming to and from Macs that have an Elgato tuner stuck in a slot. The AirPlay addition means you can now stream video to Apple TV or other AirPlay-supporting products, but still also take advantage of the… » 4/05/11 11:30am 4/05/11 11:30am

Jailbreak Hack Enables AirPlay In All iOS Apps

AirPlay is awesome but it could be more awesome if it worked with more iOS apps. TUAW recently discovered that a feature that allowed other apps to use AirPlay was disabled by Apple. But! If you insert one single line of code, AirPlay would work across all apps (like VLC and Safari). A developer named Zone-MR took… » 11/26/10 4:38pm 11/26/10 4:38pm