Libratone's Latest Wireless Speaker Is a Wooly, Wall-Mounted Audio Orb

The last time we heard from Denmark-based, fancy audio purveyor Libratone, they made one of the finest AirPlay speakers we had ever heard. At $400, the Zipp wasn't cheap, but it was considerably cheaper than anything else we had ever seen/heard from the company before. Here's their latest effort, a designy,… » 9/30/13 6:00pm 9/30/13 6:00pm

JBL On Air Wireless: AirPlay Ain't Everything

When Apple rebranded AirTunes as AirPlay, they promised an entire third-party ecosystem of compatible devices. So far, we haven't seen many, save for a few receivers and speakers. But the JBL On Air Wireless is one of 'em. » 8/02/11 2:00pm 8/02/11 2:00pm