How-To: Use Time Machine with an AirPort Extreme

We happen to use an 802.11n AirPort Extreme as our router, so we put today's new firmware upgrade to the test to see if TIme Machine really does do networked backup to an AirPort Disk. In case you're wondering, AirPort Express never supported AirDisk, so it won't do Time Machine over the network—our testing confirmed… » 3/19/08 9:51pm 3/19/08 9:51pm

Apple Time Machine Now Works With AirPort Disk

Apple issued a firmware update for the Airport Extreme today that allows any USB hard drive connected to the router to function with Time Machine. It's nice for those with MacBooks and external HDDs who find it troublesome to have to plug and unplug their drive everytime they take their lappy on the go. [TUAW] » 3/19/08 7:34pm 3/19/08 7:34pm